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Flying my AR Drone 2.0 in 15mph winds

Couple things you shouldn’t do: 1. Fly anything in high winds and 2. Fly something in high winds for your very first flight.  Guess what?  I did both.  As you’ll see in the shaky video, I was all over the place BUT the AR Drone 2.0 survived!  I was surprised how hard the drone tried to stabilized itself while getting pounded left and right by the wind.  I kept my height-limit to about 15m to make sure I don’t lose it.

Please don’t follow what I did if you don’t have any RC helicopter or RC plane flying experience.  It helped a lot when it came to orientation and in making crash-saving maneuvers.  I did manage to break the indoor hull after a couple of flips due to both wind and inexperience.  But the actual drone did prove to be durable enough to handle hard landings and ugly flips to the ground.  I’d recommend using the outdoor hull to prolong the propellers, flywheel and motor until you get the hang of flying a quadcopter.  It’s an easy fix but you’d have to fork out at least $60 for a new motor.


Partycloud.fm: DJ with a browser? Part 2 – vlog

partycloudpngHere’s the Part 2 to my overview of Partycloud.fm, an online application that allows users to DJ with a web browser and an online DJ engine called iWebDJ.  This thing works!




Vjay is forcing me to upgrade my iPad

I’m a huge fan of the company, Algoriddim. I use their music mixing app, Djay on my iPad on a daily basis since its release. I haven’t been disappointed. Now, I want their video mixing app called Vjay. Just like Djay, Vjay seem to provide a very user-friendly interface to mash-up regular and music videos together.

As a former video editor, the real-time transition for music and video effects makes me salivate. Their pitching it as a potential new art form but for me it’ll be just great entertainment for me, my friends and family who enjoy music and videos.

One of the things that tick me off, to no fault of Algoriddim, is that I’d have to buy a new iPad because it’s not compatible with my iPad 1. The minimum requirement is iPad 2. Crap. That means I’ll have to shell out close to $500 to enjoy the Vjay app. I might have to borrow one or something because I have questions about storage and memory handling. Another sucky part of the iPad is that fact that I can’t plug in another memory card or bigger harddrive to ensure smooth operation. Hmmm… Who can I swindle into lending me their iPad 2?

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