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Getting high on QX with a Fat Shark

No.  It’s not what you think.  Well, maybe.  I decided to install a Fat Shark Teleporter FPV system on my 350 QX quadcopter.  I’ve been envious watching YouTube videos about this.  I haven’t seen any how-to videos on installing the system so here is mine and my first time flying FPV.  FPV, by the way, is a term being used in the hobby when a camera, video transmitter and a viewer/receiver station is setup to fly and drive as if you are inside the vehicle.  It’s a great experience.


Flying and crashing my quadcopter, the 350 QX!

I’ve been sucked into the quadcopter hobby for the past three months. Yes. That means I haven’t played videogames too! I can’t even believe that I’m saying that but I’m having a ton of fun. I could do without the frustrations and expense of crashing and repairing though. But that’s part of the hobby, I guess.

I’ve been posting several videos on YouTube on my BlueFlyerTV channel and will continue to do so. I’ve noticed that this video in particular is getting a lot of views because, I think, people are intrigued about the crash and my experience. All good because my intention is to share that experience.

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