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UMX Carbon Cub: Next on my RC plane list

ImageThis RC plane should be a good next step for me as a beginner RC flyer.  I think I’ll be able to learn to use the ailerons and not be scared to crash at high speeds.  I know I will hit the ground or fence or tree somewhere.  That’s almost a guarantee.  I’m hoping that it will handle light winds 5-8 mph better than my Champ.  I’m not intimidated by repairs anymore thanks to the experiences learned from my Champ and Super Cub LP.  I have enough glue, tape and tools to fix 10 of these.  I hope I don’t use them all.  For $169+tax, I think I’ll be able to gamble on this.


Call me a geek or dork but I’ll have fun adding these lights and flying at night.  I can see my wife’s eyes roll now!


Super Cub: Flying High during the Summer Solstice

After long windy days during the Spring, I finally had the chance to fly my Super Cub LP during the first day of Summer. No wind and high visibility allowed me to fly high in Northern California. I was excited to see that the new motor I installed and the key chain camera actually worked to get this video. I was a little apprehensive because I also used a new battery that I’ve soldered. I’ve never soldered before. I’m just glad everything worked as planned.

Flew my Champ RTF RC plane with an 808 cam: FUN!

Flying the Champ RTF: impressions

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