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Re-Unboxing my Dreamcast

dreamcast daddygamer365I got a little nostalgic last night after playing some old Nintendo NES and Playstation puzzle games with my wife and kids.  For some reason, I was craving to play my Dreamcast again.  I think it’s because it’s momentum was cut short and had a lot of promise and potential.  The graphics and games were ahead of its time in ’99.  It had a built-in modem; the first of any console.  And the games were incredibly fun and I had all of them; perks of a TV video game show producer.

The fondest memory, and maybe the reason why the Dreamcast hold a special place with me, is playing Samba De Amigo with my entire family and relatives.  My kids and little nephews couldn’t get enough of it.  You have to imagine this was before Dance Central, Just Dance, the Kinect, the Wiimotes and the Move.  Samba De Amigo made us get off our butts, dance, pose and look goofy.

I’m not really surprise that many people wish for a Dreamcast return.  Titles like Shenmue, NFL2K, Skies of Arcadia and Soul Calibur made gamers wish for more but they never came.  I just got through playing Ready to Rumble 2 and Jet Grind Radio.  I even searched YouTube to find the Dreamcast Special I produced:


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