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Xbox One and my lawnmower

fence Just enjoying a nice sunny, slightly windy day, mowing my front lawn and then it hit me, “Why does it have to be an all-in-one?”  Of course, I’m referring to Microsoft’s latest game console, the Xbox One.  Why create the Swiss Army knife equivalent of an entertainment system?  Why not just do one or two things well and expand on it?  Just like my lawnmower.  It cuts grass.  It cuts grass well.  I don’t need for it to play music, bake cookies and hold beer.  It would be nice to have while mowing but it’s not necessary.

And I know that if it did play music and bake cookies, I would have to pay for those features.  No, thanks.  So why not have an Xbox that just plays games?  OK.  It can play movies once in a while but that should be it.  Right?

From a Daddy Gamer perspective, the all-in-one concept doesn’t work.  Here’s why: Wife’s friends or kids’ friends are over and they want to watch a movie.  With my ninja-like skill of stealth and evasion, I can usually take my game console into one of the rooms and happily play my game quietly.  This bliss goes away with the all-in-one concept.  Yup.  Now, the game console/Bluray player/internet device/Netflix/music player is stuck at one place and one place only.  The darn Kinect is also embedded in the Xbox One!  (Kinect 2.0 is separate) Now, I have a big box, in one place AND it’s looking at me!  The heck is that about.

OK.  OK.  Think about this.  My lawnmower breaks.  I try to fix it but if it doesn’t work, I toss it.  I tossed one tool.  My trimmer, blower and edger were not part of my all-in-one lawn mowing system.  I only have to buy one tool.  Xbox One?  If it overheats, a movie disc gets stuck inside, or maybe stupid little Johnny shoves a sandwich inside, it’s done!  Now, I have to fork out another $600 to get a new machine.

It never fails.  Companies pile on the crap on their successful product in hopes to ride the popularity.  The goal is,of course, revenue.  Sony did this as well with the PS3.  I think it’s learned its lesson and made PS4 game-centric.  At least, that’s what they’re marketing.  Nintendo, bless their Donkey Kong heart, has managed to stay focus even when they were printing money with the Wii and Nintendo DS.  This is why it has a super fanatic following.  The games, stories, and character they’ve created become embedded in gamers’ mind forever.

I hope that future console iterations will keep regular, hard-working consumers and parents in mind.  People who don’t have $600-1,000 to toss around.  A less expensive, upgraded game system would have been a better move.  This approach has worked for over five decades.  I think there’s some merit to it.


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