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Partycloud.fm: DJ with a browser? Part 2 – vlog

partycloudpngHere’s the Part 2 to my overview of Partycloud.fm, an online application that allows users to DJ with a web browser and an online DJ engine called iWebDJ.  This thing works!





Partycloud.fm: DJ with a browser? Part 1 – vlog

I always learn about cool, new info and tips while hanging out in the Google+ communities.  Trent posted this in the IDJ Life Community so I decided to give it a spin and do a vlog.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks.

Strum turns simple to super

strumI’m not quickly impressed with any social app that pops up on the App Store but Strum from Smule did just that.  What impresses me is the simplicity of the app and how transparent the tech is.  Smule is known for its implementation of creative music and video filters.  With Strum, a mundane and simple 15- second task or narration can be turned into a low-budget music video production.  Once approved by the user, the clip can be shared in Facebook, Twitter or on any other social app for that matter.

Here’s how my curiosity got funky:
What’s up with this app?

The offering is free in the App Store.  Strum has a generous line of free filters from the get-go but I’m betting that the super cool ones down the road will cost the user.

Strum has something here that could turn 15 seconds a social media norm the same way 140 characters is with Twitter.  And just like Twitter, you can follow users that you like.  As of launch, the Popular section is filled with banter, singing and funny anecdotes from regular peeps like me.

If Strum catches on, as I think it will, Smule needs to organize the clips better in the app.  I already feel that the Popular section is overcrowded and it’s only the second day of release.

Strum is a great social app that will motivated people to share thoughts and events due to the cool music and video filters.  This is all we need right?   Another tool that will get people to talk about their breakfast and how great it is to iron their shirt.  I’ll bet that you’ll do it too.

Vjay is forcing me to upgrade my iPad

I’m a huge fan of the company, Algoriddim. I use their music mixing app, Djay on my iPad on a daily basis since its release. I haven’t been disappointed. Now, I want their video mixing app called Vjay. Just like Djay, Vjay seem to provide a very user-friendly interface to mash-up regular and music videos together.

As a former video editor, the real-time transition for music and video effects makes me salivate. Their pitching it as a potential new art form but for me it’ll be just great entertainment for me, my friends and family who enjoy music and videos.

One of the things that tick me off, to no fault of Algoriddim, is that I’d have to buy a new iPad because it’s not compatible with my iPad 1. The minimum requirement is iPad 2. Crap. That means I’ll have to shell out close to $500 to enjoy the Vjay app. I might have to borrow one or something because I have questions about storage and memory handling. Another sucky part of the iPad is that fact that I can’t plug in another memory card or bigger harddrive to ensure smooth operation. Hmmm… Who can I swindle into lending me their iPad 2?

UMX Carbon Cub: Next on my RC plane list

ImageThis RC plane should be a good next step for me as a beginner RC flyer.  I think I’ll be able to learn to use the ailerons and not be scared to crash at high speeds.  I know I will hit the ground or fence or tree somewhere.  That’s almost a guarantee.  I’m hoping that it will handle light winds 5-8 mph better than my Champ.  I’m not intimidated by repairs anymore thanks to the experiences learned from my Champ and Super Cub LP.  I have enough glue, tape and tools to fix 10 of these.  I hope I don’t use them all.  For $169+tax, I think I’ll be able to gamble on this.


Call me a geek or dork but I’ll have fun adding these lights and flying at night.  I can see my wife’s eyes roll now!

Iron Man 3 is coming May 2013

Iron Man 3 is coming May 2013

Next to Spiderman, Iron Man is one of my favorite Marvel heroes. I just read in marvel.com that the third movie is in production and set for release on May 3, 2013.  It’s being filmed in North Carolina and China.  I’ll try to update as much as I can.  Excellent!

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