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Exclusive video interview: OUYA game developer, Eric Froemling

ericfroemling daddygamer365Bomb Squad was one of the first OUYA game that caught my attention.  Intrigued,  I had to find out which company made this impressive game for the upstart microconsole.  To my surprise, it was created by one guy, Eric Froemling as a hobby.  My TV producer brain went into overdrive to get Eric’s story.  When I found out that he lives close to me in San Francisco, I got my TV buddy, Dave and scheduled a shoot with Eric.

I’m glad we did.  I learned a lot from Eric during the interview.  I decided to create a three-part video series to share our conversation ranging from developing Bomb Squad, his experience with the OUYA team and what lies ahead for independent game producers.

In Part 1, you’ll learn the story behind “Bomb Squad,” the iPhone’s role in its creation and a sneak peek in what Eric plans to add to his “weekend project.”


Bomb Squad for OUYA: Vlog Preview

bombsquad daddygamer365I had to download and play this game the first time I saw it.  It’s one of the most visually pleasant game I’ve seen so far on the OUYA and I’ve been playing and searching a lot.  Bomb Squad has the making of a fun game for family and friends.

Check out my preview in the video below and let me know what you think.  If you so incline, follow my blog and Twitter @daddygamer.




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