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PSP emulator running on the OUYA

PPSSPP daddygamer365I’ve been following the progress of PPSSPP.org in creating a PSP emulator for the iOS and Windows.  I’m a frustrated programmer and a techie at heart, so when I hear people tweaking and creating new technologies on the grassroots level; I’m always intrigued.  Then I heard that they got the PSP emulator to run on several operating systems including the iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.  I had to do my own experiment and try the PPSSPP ver. 0.7.5 on my newly acquired Android-based microconsole, the OUYA.  The video will show what happened next…





Exclusive video interview: OUYA game developer, Eric Froemling

ericfroemling daddygamer365Bomb Squad was one of the first OUYA game that caught my attention.  Intrigued,  I had to find out which company made this impressive game for the upstart microconsole.  To my surprise, it was created by one guy, Eric Froemling as a hobby.  My TV producer brain went into overdrive to get Eric’s story.  When I found out that he lives close to me in San Francisco, I got my TV buddy, Dave and scheduled a shoot with Eric.

I’m glad we did.  I learned a lot from Eric during the interview.  I decided to create a three-part video series to share our conversation ranging from developing Bomb Squad, his experience with the OUYA team and what lies ahead for independent game producers.

In Part 1, you’ll learn the story behind “Bomb Squad,” the iPhone’s role in its creation and a sneak peek in what Eric plans to add to his “weekend project.”

OUYA. Got it. First impressions…

daddygamer365 OUYAMy OUYA arrived today in a nondescript box shoved inside my mailbox.

Thanks, Mr. Postman for crushing all my bills and junk mail.  It seems like a blink of an eye since I flopped my whopping $99 to help kickstart the console’s development in August 2012.  Time flew by.

I created an OUYA unboxing/impressions episode on my Spreaker channel to share with you.



Where’s my OUYA!

ouyaWoke up.  Brushed teeth.  Drank coffee.  Checked the calendar.  Holy crap.  Just like many OUYA backers, today’s date was marked on my calendar.  Hmmmm… coincidentally, it’s next to my dental appointment.

As expected, Twitter, Facebook, forums and other social media outlets I checked were buzzing about the anticipated launch.  If you don’t know much about this Nvidia and Android-powered console, please visit www.ouya.tv.  Again, .tv and not .com.

I like the debate about the OUYA’s potential to revolutionize video gaming.  I realize that for the past several years new consoles that were released meant more processing power and speed leading to high quality graphics, control and sound.  But I don’t expect this of the OUYA.  As a lot of people have pointed out, the OUYA is running on an operating system for smartphones and tablets.  I’m not 100% sure what the Nvidia Tegra 3 chip will deliver either.  But I doubt that it can compete with the processing power of the upcoming systems from Microsoft and Sony.

What I do expect is the disruption to the status quo as far as the business of developing, distributing and selling video games.  And that excites me.  I’m also excited by the energy generated by the OUYA and all the new game devices available to a wide range of gamers.  If you like to play games, you won’t be limited to PC or consoles anymore.  Heck, there’s the OUYA, the Game Stick, Nvidia Shield, Steam Box on top of the new Xbox and Playstation 4 consoles!  And if you’ve read my other posts, you know that I’m big on the impact of iOS and Android games.  I haven’t seen this many players in the arena since the mid-90’s.

Head spinning yet?  Mine is.  Don’t forget to follow me on this blog, Twitter and Facebook.  I’ll be posting like mad as soon as I get my OUYA.

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