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Getting high on QX with a Fat Shark

No.  It’s not what you think.  Well, maybe.  I decided to install a Fat Shark Teleporter FPV system on my 350 QX quadcopter.  I’ve been envious watching YouTube videos about this.  I haven’t seen any how-to videos on installing the system so here is mine and my first time flying FPV.  FPV, by the way, is a term being used in the hobby when a camera, video transmitter and a viewer/receiver station is setup to fly and drive as if you are inside the vehicle.  It’s a great experience.


First attempt in flying FPV with Fat Shark Teleporter V3

Getting my feet wet in the world of FPV or First Person View while flying an RC plane.  Holy %^&*!  It was an amazing experience.  It changed the way I view flying RC and will probably apply FPV to my quadcopter too.  I put two videos together about my first and second day of FPV.    The Fat Shark Teleporter package is great for newbies like me.  It contained everything I need to get going.  I chose this option because the task of putting an FPV system piece by piece is quite daunting for new comers.


Flying my AR Drone 2.0 in 15mph winds

Couple things you shouldn’t do: 1. Fly anything in high winds and 2. Fly something in high winds for your very first flight.  Guess what?  I did both.  As you’ll see in the shaky video, I was all over the place BUT the AR Drone 2.0 survived!  I was surprised how hard the drone tried to stabilized itself while getting pounded left and right by the wind.  I kept my height-limit to about 15m to make sure I don’t lose it.

Please don’t follow what I did if you don’t have any RC helicopter or RC plane flying experience.  It helped a lot when it came to orientation and in making crash-saving maneuvers.  I did manage to break the indoor hull after a couple of flips due to both wind and inexperience.  But the actual drone did prove to be durable enough to handle hard landings and ugly flips to the ground.  I’d recommend using the outdoor hull to prolong the propellers, flywheel and motor until you get the hang of flying a quadcopter.  It’s an easy fix but you’d have to fork out at least $60 for a new motor.

Xbox One and my lawnmower

fence Just enjoying a nice sunny, slightly windy day, mowing my front lawn and then it hit me, “Why does it have to be an all-in-one?”  Of course, I’m referring to Microsoft’s latest game console, the Xbox One.  Why create the Swiss Army knife equivalent of an entertainment system?  Why not just do one or two things well and expand on it?  Just like my lawnmower.  It cuts grass.  It cuts grass well.  I don’t need for it to play music, bake cookies and hold beer.  It would be nice to have while mowing but it’s not necessary.

And I know that if it did play music and bake cookies, I would have to pay for those features.  No, thanks.  So why not have an Xbox that just plays games?  OK.  It can play movies once in a while but that should be it.  Right?

From a Daddy Gamer perspective, the all-in-one concept doesn’t work.  Here’s why: Wife’s friends or kids’ friends are over and they want to watch a movie.  With my ninja-like skill of stealth and evasion, I can usually take my game console into one of the rooms and happily play my game quietly.  This bliss goes away with the all-in-one concept.  Yup.  Now, the game console/Bluray player/internet device/Netflix/music player is stuck at one place and one place only.  The darn Kinect is also embedded in the Xbox One!  (Kinect 2.0 is separate) Now, I have a big box, in one place AND it’s looking at me!  The heck is that about.

OK.  OK.  Think about this.  My lawnmower breaks.  I try to fix it but if it doesn’t work, I toss it.  I tossed one tool.  My trimmer, blower and edger were not part of my all-in-one lawn mowing system.  I only have to buy one tool.  Xbox One?  If it overheats, a movie disc gets stuck inside, or maybe stupid little Johnny shoves a sandwich inside, it’s done!  Now, I have to fork out another $600 to get a new machine.

It never fails.  Companies pile on the crap on their successful product in hopes to ride the popularity.  The goal is,of course, revenue.  Sony did this as well with the PS3.  I think it’s learned its lesson and made PS4 game-centric.  At least, that’s what they’re marketing.  Nintendo, bless their Donkey Kong heart, has managed to stay focus even when they were printing money with the Wii and Nintendo DS.  This is why it has a super fanatic following.  The games, stories, and character they’ve created become embedded in gamers’ mind forever.

I hope that future console iterations will keep regular, hard-working consumers and parents in mind.  People who don’t have $600-1,000 to toss around.  A less expensive, upgraded game system would have been a better move.  This approach has worked for over five decades.  I think there’s some merit to it.

PSP emulator running on the OUYA

PPSSPP daddygamer365I’ve been following the progress of in creating a PSP emulator for the iOS and Windows.  I’m a frustrated programmer and a techie at heart, so when I hear people tweaking and creating new technologies on the grassroots level; I’m always intrigued.  Then I heard that they got the PSP emulator to run on several operating systems including the iOS, Windows, Linux and Android.  I had to do my own experiment and try the PPSSPP ver. 0.7.5 on my newly acquired Android-based microconsole, the OUYA.  The video will show what happened next…




Exclusive video interview: OUYA game developer, Eric Froemling

ericfroemling daddygamer365Bomb Squad was one of the first OUYA game that caught my attention.  Intrigued,  I had to find out which company made this impressive game for the upstart microconsole.  To my surprise, it was created by one guy, Eric Froemling as a hobby.  My TV producer brain went into overdrive to get Eric’s story.  When I found out that he lives close to me in San Francisco, I got my TV buddy, Dave and scheduled a shoot with Eric.

I’m glad we did.  I learned a lot from Eric during the interview.  I decided to create a three-part video series to share our conversation ranging from developing Bomb Squad, his experience with the OUYA team and what lies ahead for independent game producers.

In Part 1, you’ll learn the story behind “Bomb Squad,” the iPhone’s role in its creation and a sneak peek in what Eric plans to add to his “weekend project.” DJ with a browser? Part 2 – vlog

partycloudpngHere’s the Part 2 to my overview of, an online application that allows users to DJ with a web browser and an online DJ engine called iWebDJ.  This thing works!




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