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Flying my AR Drone 2.0 in 15mph winds

Couple things you shouldn’t do: 1. Fly anything in high winds and 2. Fly something in high winds for your very first flight.  Guess what?  I did both.  As you’ll see in the shaky video, I was all over the place BUT the AR Drone 2.0 survived!  I was surprised how hard the drone tried to stabilized itself while getting pounded left and right by the wind.  I kept my height-limit to about 15m to make sure I don’t lose it.

Please don’t follow what I did if you don’t have any RC helicopter or RC plane flying experience.  It helped a lot when it came to orientation and in making crash-saving maneuvers.  I did manage to break the indoor hull after a couple of flips due to both wind and inexperience.  But the actual drone did prove to be durable enough to handle hard landings and ugly flips to the ground.  I’d recommend using the outdoor hull to prolong the propellers, flywheel and motor until you get the hang of flying a quadcopter.  It’s an easy fix but you’d have to fork out at least $60 for a new motor.


UMX Carbon Cub: Next on my RC plane list

ImageThis RC plane should be a good next step for me as a beginner RC flyer.  I think I’ll be able to learn to use the ailerons and not be scared to crash at high speeds.  I know I will hit the ground or fence or tree somewhere.  That’s almost a guarantee.  I’m hoping that it will handle light winds 5-8 mph better than my Champ.  I’m not intimidated by repairs anymore thanks to the experiences learned from my Champ and Super Cub LP.  I have enough glue, tape and tools to fix 10 of these.  I hope I don’t use them all.  For $169+tax, I think I’ll be able to gamble on this.


Call me a geek or dork but I’ll have fun adding these lights and flying at night.  I can see my wife’s eyes roll now!

Super Cub: Flying High during the Summer Solstice

After long windy days during the Spring, I finally had the chance to fly my Super Cub LP during the first day of Summer. No wind and high visibility allowed me to fly high in Northern California. I was excited to see that the new motor I installed and the key chain camera actually worked to get this video. I was a little apprehensive because I also used a new battery that I’ve soldered. I’ve never soldered before. I’m just glad everything worked as planned.

Flew my Champ RTF RC plane with an 808 cam: FUN!

Flying the Champ RTF: impressions

Changing differential fluid on a 8th scale RC buggy

Getting into off-road RC racing with Kyosho Inferno VE

It’s been a while since I posted a blog but it’s been a crazy year. I decided to jump into the RC world with an 1/8 scale Kyosho Inferno VE. I’ve always wanted to get into this hobby, learn and meet a new set of friends.

I only bought my VE two weeks ago and I’m finding myself drawn to the outdoors; a stark change from playing video games. Getting grimy with dirt, grass, shock oil and differential fluid feels good.

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