Up ’til 3am playing NeoGeo on my OUYA!

The title is not completely accurate.  I did stay up until 3am but I spent most of the time tweaking and searching for the right bios to run the NeoGeo emulator, Neo.emu on my OUYA.  I’m a fan of the Samurai Showdown and King of Fighters arcade series.  That was enough motivation to keep me going.  That, plus I was trying to digest all the Indian food I ate during our block party.  You can’t beat good, home-cooked Indian cuisine.

I couldn’t stop until I’ve solved my NeoGeo puzzle.  After learning about M.A.M.E., extracting the Unibios 2.3 rom and plugging it onto to the NeoGeo.zip file, I got my Samurai Showdown to play.  I have to say that the time I invested and the hair-pulling were worth it.  The NeoGeo games played fast and smooth.  The graphics was just as I remembered them. Maybe even better!

Much props to Robert Broglia, the guy who created the NeoGeo emulator for OUYA micro console.  I put together a little how-to video and gameplay footage of NeoGeo games running on my OUYA below.


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26 responses to “Up ’til 3am playing NeoGeo on my OUYA!

  • dudleydowrite

    I’ve been trying to get my to work but I am having problems with the neo.emu reading my files. So just to be clear you got the unit bios and zipped it to a neogeo.zip? Thanks again! Great article!

  • daddygamer365

    Thanks. Just want to make sure that the games you are using are zip files,right? Once to you have the unibios 2.3, ADD it to the neogeo.zip file. Don’t zip it in… just add. To add it, you just drag and drop the extracted unibios file into the neogeo zip file. Let me know if it works. You’re missing out on some good gaming if you’re not running the Neo.emu on the OUYA. hehehe

  • Robert Igor Barash

    hey…Ive been trying for several days to get this thing running…my neogeo.zip is correct i believe and im sure my roms are proper name neo geo .144 roms….but everytime it starts and game it loads and jumps right back to ouya home screen with every game…PLEASE HELP

  • daddygamer365

    Where do you have them stored? In OUYA’s ROM folder or external?

    • Robert Igor Barash

      first i had them all stored in a folder i made called NEOGEO…then i moved them all to Ouyas ROMs folder….still nothing

  • daddygamer365

    Hmmm… Do you see your games listed when you hit Load Game?

  • Robert Barash

    Any possible links or suggestion to test actual working roms…Im lost if thats the case…casue i thought i had the right ones…

  • Xmen

    😦 I am a big big big !! fan of Samurai Showdown and King of fighter..similarly I am also a daddygamer 😉 but not able to run Samurai showdown 5 and King of fighter 2002 mame rom for Neo geo on OUYA. Despite of having right unibios (2.3, even 3.1) doesnt work for me. I am also downloading roms from the links you posted…can you please help?

  • Xmen

    by the way..metal slug X works for me..I guess we need certain type of roms, may be compatible roms to be played on OUYA?

  • Caleb

    thanks for sharing this, however i’m having a tough time getting it to work. i have the emulator.. i have roms on a usb drive. i point to them (i’ve tried several different roms, all working with other emulators including mame) but it doesn’t recognize any of them..

    i have the neogeo.zip in there.. i found a 2.3 bios and i renamed that zip to match the neogeo name.

    you mentioned something about making sure they are in the “rom folder”. is there some system specific file path for this folder or can i in fact run them from my USB drive without any trouble?

    Really stoked to play these games on Ouya! Thanks for sharing

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