True Stories: Travelers say / do the darnest things

DSCN2346Hat switch!  I’m putting on my airline hat today.  It’s great to see air travel is on the upswing but this also means more head-scratching moments at the airport.  I’ve been in the airline biz for over 13 years and the following scenarios never ceased to make me pause and ask, “Really?”


  1. A couple checking in three car seats but no kids and says, “Your airline said car seats can be checked-in for free.”
  2. Airline crew: “Hello.  Where are going today?”  Traveler: “I don’t know.  I didn’t buy the tickets.”
  3. Airline crew at check-in: “What is your last name?” Traveler looks at his/her party and ask, “What last name?”
  4. Traveler: “Can I sit my one and a half year old next to me?”  Airline: “Did you buy a ticket for the child?” Traveler: “No.” Airline: “Sorry but the flight is 100% full.”  Traveler: “But they did it for me last time.”
  5. Traveler at the carousel: “I’m missing one bag.” Airline:  “How many bags did you check in?”  Traveler: “I don’t remember.”
  6. Upset customer at the San Jose Airport counter: “What do you mean you can’t find my name on the flight!  We bought the ticket last week!  I can’t believe this!”  Airline: “Sir.  Do you have the emailed itinerary?”  Customer: “Of course, I do!”  Customer looks, says a few expletives and runs.  He’s flying out of San Francisco.
  7. During courtesy boarding: A lady in her senior years in a wheelchair tells me, “It’s OK hon I can walk to my seat.”  Then a young man with no legs followed and said, “It’s OK dude.  I got this.  Just take care of my wheelchair and I’m good.”  Then an athletic young lady scoots up to the line and asked, “Yeah.  Can you have the flight attendants help me with my bag and can you carry my purse?”

I can keep going…




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