Real Racing 3 is a Fun Freemium Ride

2013-03-18 09.03.39

I was quite skeptical about downloading a racing game on my iPad2.  And then you add “free” on top of that?  Then I should definitely avoid it, right?  As always, my curiosity won so download I go.  All I could imagine was making myself look like an idiot while twisting and turning the iPad in front of me to drive and endure low-end, jagged graphics and sound.  But I was wrong.  I’m actually glad that I was.

I was hooked as soon as I drove my first car in the first race.  I didn’t expect to get console quality for the graphics and sound but that’s what Real Racing 3 delivers.  I’ve played the Need for Speed and the Gran Turismo series on the PC and consoles and this game my friend is no joke.  I’m impressed with the easy interface, transition graphics and sound effects.  It made me grin as if I got away with something really valuable.  In a sense, I did.  Games like Real Racing 3 and Infinity Blade make me feel more assured that iOS and mobile gaming will go far beyond Bejeweled and Angry Birds.

Beyond graphics and sound, Real Racing 3 has several elements that long-time console gamers like me will appreciate:

1. Control – RR3 tackled this by giving players several options.  The option I like allows me to drive with my left thumb and break with my right.  It feels weird at first but I acclimated pretty fast.

2. Damage effects and repair – The way damages and repairs are handled in the game is quite brilliant.  Collisions, taps, swipes and other aggressive driving techniques get penalized.  I love the fact that drivers get a breakdown of the cost of each damage and repair after each game.  As you can see from one of my pictures, I didn’t do so well with my BWM Z4 Coupe.2013-03-17 19.44.52

3. Responsiveness – The performance upgrades to the cars do enhance the car you are racing.  You can immediately feel the effect of traction, brakes, and other engine upgrades.  There are several tracks that will tax your cornering and passing skills.  Upgrades will become necessarily if you want to finish in the top three.  You want to get dough to sweeten your ride?  You want to be in the top three.

Being a Freemium game, you can expect to fork out some dollars towards the end; specially if you want to race the beautiful, exotic cars.  Who doesn’t?  Real Racing 3 gave me a lot of time to spend in the game for free.  I also enjoyed the novel concept of Time Shifted Multiplayer.  It’s like turn-based racing with a lot of extra speed.  If you’re reading this and have some space in your iPad2 or newer, check this game out.  It’s time and no-money well spent.

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