PS4 and Xbox720 games should be $20 max

2013-03-17 19.42.24That’s right Sony and Microsoft.  I said $20 per “good game.”  I realized that you’ve got me biting on the proverbial $60 carrot for a while now.  It made sense that you have to make money and I do get to own and sell the game if I want after playing it.  But now that cloud gaming is upon us, I really don’t get to own the game. Do I?  I’m merely borrowing the game, right?

While going through my stacks and stacks of video games today, it dawned on me that downloading games to my PS4 or Xbox720 console means no more tangible products that I can share with my buddies or maybe sell or trade on Craigslist down the road.  Why the heck would I pay $70 for something that I’m just borrowing?  I’m thinking.  I’m thinking.

It’s going to be a tough sell because I’m spoiled by the Apple App store now and the influx of freemium games.  (I really hate that word.)  Get this.  I paid 99 cents for a new boxing game (Real Boxing), $2.99 for a RPG (Infinity Blade II) and I got a new excellent racing game (Real Racing 3) for free.  Well, freemium but it’s free to download and play!  The quality and depth of these iOS games are just getting better and better as well.

As an avid console gamer, I implore you to adapt the Apple or a new, more pocket-friendly model.  Yes.  I know.  The quality of the games will be much higher than any tablet device but the bottom line is the bottom line.  The market will be over saturated with new game systems like the OUYA, Stix and other Tegra/Android powered portable system.  I’m not about to fork out $70 for the same old I.P. with new graphics when I can buy and take a risk on 25 to 70 games and get a new experience.  Think about it.



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