Horn FREE: iPad Review

As a fan of the original Infinity Blade, I’ve been looking for an alternative or something that would offer a deeper experience and story.  I was intrigued by Horn from Zynga.  There are two versions for the iPad; Horn and Horn Free.  Of course, I tried out the free version to get a feel for the game before I fork out some dough.

horn1I have to say that Horn has a lot of potential.  First of all, the story of an orphan boy turned savior grabbed me from the get-go.  The FREE version gives players the Prologue story; basically a teaser that Zynga hopes will be enough to entice you to buy the full game.  There’s also the Quest Mode that lets players wander, fight and earn points and experience.  As with Infinity Blade, players can use the points to elevate their weapons’ quality, buy magical artifacts and other items to enhance your skill as a fighter.  But the similarities end there.

I grew bored after playing a few areas in the Quest Mode.  The graphics, audio and music became monotonous.  The enemy titans did not look formidable.  I did not feel threatened therefore it was easy for me to take them down.  This was the opposite of the “holy crap” feeling I had when I played Infinity Blade.  I was missing the hugeness in design, effects and sound.

The combat is also rudimentary in Horn.  The rolling dodge and the occasional jump-attack seem to be the only moves I have.  Where is the block and parry?  If I’m going to look like an idiot swashing my finger and thumping my iPad, at least give me some cool moves.

Again, I’m intrigued with the storyline that Horn presents but for now, I’d rather spend my $7 on Infinity Blade II.


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