Human Element prequel: Ouya’s 1st Party title announced

ImageRobert Bowling, best known for his work as the intrepid voice of the first line of Call of Duty games, just announced that his company, Robotoki is releasing the Human Element prequel exclusively for the Ouya.  Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.  I’ve always been impressed with Robert’s professionalism and demeanor.  I think this sends yet another solid message that Ouya is cooking up something good.  If Bowling, an industry veteran is willing to bet on the Ouya, I’m thinking Ouya is hiding an ace up its sleeve.  I already bet to see what it is.


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2 responses to “Human Element prequel: Ouya’s 1st Party title announced

  • Mark

    He’s not releasing Human Element exclusively for Ouya, he’s releasing a prequel to Human Element. Pretty short on details tho, so it might be something pretty small scale. Or not. Just wouldnt get too excited about it yet tho

  • daddygamer365

    Thanks for the correction, Mark. I appreciate it. I’m also trying to get more info.

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