Kaz Hirai reveals the new PS3 design

ImageI just caught Sony CEO, Kaz Hirai’s twit and he posted this image of the latest PS3 slim design.  It has been a hot topic in the gaming rumor-mill lately.  I don’t like posting unqualified info and images.  This one came from the main guy himself. 

The open-face design is appealing.  I don’t know if the ribbed area is a compartment.  I have the lastest PS3 Slim but I might have to get this one too.


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3 responses to “Kaz Hirai reveals the new PS3 design

  • ♬ Ray Khan ♬ (@Raydee331319)

    Can you link to the the tweet, or he probably would’ve removed it by now? I don’t recall Kaz Hirai having a twitter though, maybe it was a parody account?

  • seebers

    that’s cool and all, but I’ll never get a console again. I’m all about PC gaming, it’s way better. The new Xbox was revealed and my PC which is 9 months old, is still way better then it.

    awesome post though, had no idea the ps was revealed

    • daddygamer365

      Consoles are in la-la land right now. iOS devices and tablets are ruling the market. I’m also getting caught up in the iPad gaming bandwagon even though I have all the game systems. Xbox is still kicking butt! The Kinect is an awesome tech. Believe or not there’s a lot of cool free-to-play games coming up on the PC end and I’m looking forward to this and interested in the revenue model.

      BTW… that’s a new slimmer version of the PS3, not a reveal of the PS4.

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