My Ouya “people’s console” got some props!

It was a pleasant surprise to get a Twitter notice that @Playouya liked my twit and added it to their Kickstarter site.  I felt that no matter want happens, the concept beyond Ouya hit a nerve with gamers and developers.  They’re the anti-establishment of video gaming right now and I’m sure people are having a ball sending a wake-up call to Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony with their $4m donation.  Who would have thought that gamers would rally behind a new console that just plays games.  Go figure : )

Here’s the mention from Ouya:

Until this week, a lot of people thought we were crazy. Some still do. THANK YOU to all those who are backing us: we are focused on delivering for you. And we’ve been reading what you’ve said:

@fourzerotwo… A new console, for $99, that is designed around a free-to-play open source model. I support everything about @playouya

Engadget… “Gamers are craving something different, and if the Ouya is a success, it could usher us into a new golden age of gaming…”

@Daddygamer@playouya you’re becoming the people’s console.

PC World… “Is the $99 OUYA the Video Game Console for the 99 Percent?”

@SoDoubleOGGood… What would Macho Man Randy Savage’s favorite gaming console be? (if he were still alive) ‪#OUYA‬ oooh yeah!

Gamasutra… “People have been clinging to the same game consoles for several years, and are wanting something different.”

Cyathem from Reddit… “I’ve wasted $100 on stupid things. This actually looks cool.”

And more… Kotaku! The Guardian! Joystiq! Forbes! GameSpot! BusinessWeek! The Verge! Wired! IGN! The New York Times! Time!


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