Ouya: I expect K’Ouya, L’Ouya, M’Ouya!

ImageI had to sit back and ponder what the entry of Ouya will bring in the video gaming scene.  The old school gamer in me says, “Not another console, please!”  Then, I started to dig more info about this $99-hack-away-open-system console.  You know what. Looking at the specs; this could be good.    But I’m not looking at the games.  What’s intriguing to me is the potential adaptation of motion and gesture-sensing devices and having the Ouya give birth to a hybrid. According to the Ouya’s specs, it will have WiFi 802bgn, Bluetooth LE and a wireless game controllers.  It’ll only be a matter of time when hardware hackers will modify existing motion controllers to this console.

The Kinect has proven to be a hacker-friendly device.  So, this is almost a no-brainer adaptation.  Wiimotes?  Oh yeah.  I’m assuming that LEAP, from Leap Motion will also be in the mix since it’s design with the PC in mind.  The Playstation Move?  I don’t know.

I have all the video consoles but I can squeeze this one in for $99 and that chance to tweak and modify games and hardware.  Yes.  I’m a geek.  I know ; )  If you are interested in funding the Ouya kickstarter program and check out their Ouya video you can visit:



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