Super Cub: Flying High during the Summer Solstice

After long windy days during the Spring, I finally had the chance to fly my Super Cub LP during the first day of Summer. No wind and high visibility allowed me to fly high in Northern California. I was excited to see that the new motor I installed and the key chain camera actually worked to get this video. I was a little apprehensive because I also used a new battery that I’ve soldered. I’ve never soldered before. I’m just glad everything worked as planned.


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2 responses to “Super Cub: Flying High during the Summer Solstice

  • Greg Stone

    Cool – I just ordered and 808 Camera for the Cub – and told my wife it would be too heavy for the Champ – then I saw your Champ video – sort of made my point, but it was fun listening to that little motor struggling – and it certainly did carry it.

  • daddygamer365

    Thanks, Greg. The Champ will struggle if tape the full 808 on it. I actually took one of the hard cover off and it made it lighter for the motor to carry.

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