A day at the Ferrari Races

I got the chance today to watch and hear what angry Ferraris sound like in a race. Watching and playing them in Gran Turismo 5 is fun but nothing compared to the real thing. The Ferrari Challenge at Infineon Raceway starts today until this Sunday. I jumped on this early to beat the traffic. The power and speed on the F430’s and F458’s were mind-blowing to see. I can’t get over how sweet the engine sounded. My buddy and I fell inlove with the F430’s immediately. They just sound like what a Ferrari should sound like in a race.

The highlight of the day was watching one of the Ferraris do four 360’s in front of us and hit the guard rail. Fortunately, the driver was OK. I was tempted to offer something for the damaged car but I know they’ll just laugh at me.

I manage to take some pictures and capture videos with my camera to share. Enjoy!


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