Playstation Suite could be Sony’s Trojan Horse

While the recent announcement of the NGP/PSP2 is attention-grabbing in the gaming scene, the announcement of the Playstation Suite secures Sony’s spot in the future of the videogame industry. Sony realized that the key to grabbing the lead and sustaining it is to leverage original Playstation content across different gaming platforms. With Playstaiton Suite, casual and hardcore gamers can access Playstation games on smart phones, tablet PC’s running the Android OS and of course, portable gaming devices like the PSP via the Playstaton Store. Essestially, the PS store is to become the Apple Store of video gaming. With this concept, Sony also eliminated the age of their technology and hardware as a factor. On the revenue end, Sony just extended the life of Playstation and PSP games for another five, if not, ten years as the games get new life and fans in the new platforms.

I can also see Sony grabbing huge chunks of revenue from Apple’s music and movie offerings. This concept and potential for growth make my head swell. In some ways, the Playstation Suite is like a Trojan Horse pretending to only offer games to the unsuspecting masses. As most PS3 gamers and users know, the Playstation store offers more than just games. The PS store also contains videos and movies. The PS Suite can easily add music to the mix. OK. Now. Think. Sony already has a rabbid and savvy base of followers. Sony also has a pretty good reputation when it comes to cool hardware, technology and content. With the Playstation Suite, all this becomes accesible to millions of new users across several portable platforms. Tell me this is not huge.


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