PS3 slim feels like a toy

After a brief mourning period for the untimely demise of my “fat” 80GB PS3, I decided to get the new 120GB PS3 slim. A gamer has to game, right? I found that there is a good reason why the “slims” are cheaper than the early “fat” PS3 versions. My 80GB felt, ran and looked like a machine rather than a sleek-looking videogame toy.

Gone are my Flash and SD cardslots that were useful in transfering digital pictures and files. The harddrive cover is a flimsy, thin, cheap-looking plastic. I miss the power switch in the back to cut power without pulling the plug. The power and eject buttons on the PS3 Slim doesn’t have the cool-factor of the older 80GB model. Wow. This sucks. I’m going to have store my old 80GB PS3. It trully has become a piece of gaming history in my opinion.  File this under: “They don’t make ’em like they use to.”


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2 responses to “PS3 slim feels like a toy

  • sarahtherebel

    Thanks for posting! I wondered whether or not to upgrade when my PS3 (seemingly) bit the dust. Now I can get an idea of why they would rather me take the new one than fix my old one. Very interesting.

  • daddygamer365

    I’m hoping that these slim ones don’t have the problems the old fat ones did. It had something to do with the motherboards. I was thinking of selling my old 80GB for parts but I decided to keep it for nostalgia’s sake. hehhehe

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