Getting high on QX with a Fat Shark

No.  It’s not what you think.  Well, maybe.  I decided to install a Fat Shark Teleporter FPV system on my 350 QX quadcopter.  I’ve been envious watching YouTube videos about this.  I haven’t seen any how-to videos on installing the system so here is mine and my first time flying FPV.  FPV, by the way, is a term being used in the hobby when a camera, video transmitter and a viewer/receiver station is setup to fly and drive as if you are inside the vehicle.  It’s a great experience.


First attempt in flying FPV with Fat Shark Teleporter V3

Getting my feet wet in the world of FPV or First Person View while flying an RC plane.  Holy %^&*!  It was an amazing experience.  It changed the way I view flying RC and will probably apply FPV to my quadcopter too.  I put two videos together about my first and second day of FPV.    The Fat Shark Teleporter package is great for newbies like me.  It contained everything I need to get going.  I chose this option because the task of putting an FPV system piece by piece is quite daunting for new comers.


Flying and crashing my quadcopter, the 350 QX!

I’ve been sucked into the quadcopter hobby for the past three months. Yes. That means I haven’t played videogames too! I can’t even believe that I’m saying that but I’m having a ton of fun. I could do without the frustrations and expense of crashing and repairing though. But that’s part of the hobby, I guess.

I’ve been posting several videos on YouTube on my BlueFlyerTV channel and will continue to do so. I’ve noticed that this video in particular is getting a lot of views because, I think, people are intrigued about the crash and my experience. All good because my intention is to share that experience.

Flying my AR Drone 2.0 in 15mph winds

Couple things you shouldn’t do: 1. Fly anything in high winds and 2. Fly something in high winds for your very first flight.  Guess what?  I did both.  As you’ll see in the shaky video, I was all over the place BUT the AR Drone 2.0 survived!  I was surprised how hard the drone tried to stabilized itself while getting pounded left and right by the wind.  I kept my height-limit to about 15m to make sure I don’t lose it.

Please don’t follow what I did if you don’t have any RC helicopter or RC plane flying experience.  It helped a lot when it came to orientation and in making crash-saving maneuvers.  I did manage to break the indoor hull after a couple of flips due to both wind and inexperience.  But the actual drone did prove to be durable enough to handle hard landings and ugly flips to the ground.  I’d recommend using the outdoor hull to prolong the propellers, flywheel and motor until you get the hang of flying a quadcopter.  It’s an easy fix but you’d have to fork out at least $60 for a new motor.

Re-Unboxing my Dreamcast

dreamcast daddygamer365I got a little nostalgic last night after playing some old Nintendo NES and Playstation puzzle games with my wife and kids.  For some reason, I was craving to play my Dreamcast again.  I think it’s because it’s momentum was cut short and had a lot of promise and potential.  The graphics and games were ahead of its time in ’99.  It had a built-in modem; the first of any console.  And the games were incredibly fun and I had all of them; perks of a TV video game show producer.

The fondest memory, and maybe the reason why the Dreamcast hold a special place with me, is playing Samba De Amigo with my entire family and relatives.  My kids and little nephews couldn’t get enough of it.  You have to imagine this was before Dance Central, Just Dance, the Kinect, the Wiimotes and the Move.  Samba De Amigo made us get off our butts, dance, pose and look goofy.

I’m not really surprise that many people wish for a Dreamcast return.  Titles like Shenmue, NFL2K, Skies of Arcadia and Soul Calibur made gamers wish for more but they never came.  I just got through playing Ready to Rumble 2 and Jet Grind Radio.  I even searched YouTube to find the Dreamcast Special I produced:

Score! Found them #OUYAs at Best Buy.

2013-06-25 10.40.34After reading the apology email from OUYA’s founder, Julie Urlman, I decided to drive out my neck of the woods to see if I can catch OUYA’s on display at the local Best Buy store.

Lo and behold, there it was.  I had to look hard for them though.  They’re were hidden at the bottom level even though there was a big OUYA sign.

I know that OUYA is fairly new to the marketing game but I just thought that they could have hired a spokesperson/salesperson to demo it at the store.  They could have asked me since I’ve had mine since April and have been modding  and playing with it nonstop.  My wife is about to divorce me because I spending too much time with mine.


OUYA at Best Buy

Got my butt whooped by girls! Life is great.

I knew this day would come.  I was looking forward to it.  The day when my girls realized that they were good enough to take on their dad in a no-holds-barred game of Mario Kart on the Wii.  There was a lot of screaming and whining but this time it was coming from me.  I couldn’t figure out how they were able to maneuver so fast and quick around obstacles.  Of course, like any good gamer will tell you; they practiced and learned the secrets of the game.  I couldn’t come close.  The best I can do was finish 5th.  They were either first or second.  I’m a proud Daddy Gamer.

This, I thought to myself, is what gaming is all about.  It’s about having fun, being silly and competing.  I just wished we could do this more often.  I have a feeling that we will.  Now, that they know that they can beat Daddy at video games.  Of course, I will take a beating like this any day if it means I can spend a couple of hours being together and laughing with them.

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